INGOT Group | Advantages

Financial Services

We provide the best financial services in the market!

  • A team of experienced, licensed and highly trained specialists.
  • Risk management programs.
  • Award-winning platforms.
  • A wide variety of trading instruments and investment choices.
  • Trading anytime, anywhere with a great 24/6 customer service.

Trading Solutions

We are the pioneers of the commodity market!

  • Improved cash flow.
  • Economic growth.
  • Address farmers’ challenges.
  • Protection against inflation.
  • EGYCOMEX will be the first spot and futures agricultural commodity exchange that will serve the MENA Region.

Financial Education

Learn, assess, and reinforce your knowledge in exciting, new ways!

  • Entire learning curriculum that suits your interests and knowledge.
  • Board range of educational materials, from video playlists, publications, articles and more.
  • Access to different online Courses, coaching, and workshop events from our education affiliate.
  • Certified experts.
  • Training and workshops.

Advisory Consulting

We help companies tackle business challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

  • Strategic planning and evaluation services.
  • Business evaluation.
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) advisory services.
  • Team of team of industry-experienced professionals.
  • Provide solutions to your business need.